On Saturday, April 23, 2022, the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey held an evening and a Ramadan Iftar. The evening was attended by the Turkish side, Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Istanbul, Mr. Bayram Yalinsu, and his deputy, Mr. Serdar Dal. It was also attended by a number of Yemeni dignitaries and dignitaries from the Yemeni side. It lasted from 7-11 pm. The evening program began with a Ramadan breakfast for a number of current and former Yemeni official dignitaries, and a number of dignitaries and social figures. This was followed by a friendly meeting with the guests from the Turkish delegation.
At the beginning of the evening, the President of the Society, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi delivered a speech in which he welcomed the Deputy Minister of Interior and the delegation accompanying him, thanking them for their kind visit, stressing the depth of the relationship between the Yemeni and Turkish peoples, and our gratitude to Turkey as president, government and people for their generous dealings with the Yemenis and providing all services and facilities, referring to the efforts made by the Friendship Association In various educational and training fields, as well as community and humanitarian initiatives, by benefiting from the unique and distinguished Turkish experience.
For his part, the Turkish Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr. Ismail Chatakli, delivered a speech in which he expressed his happiness at this meeting, thanking the Friendship Association for hosting. He also praised the Yemeni community in Turkey and their commitment to the laws and the absence of any problems from them, stressing their readiness to provide all possible facilities to the Yemenis in accordance with the laws in force. and achieving integration into society.
Haj Abd al-Wasih Hayel Saeed, a member of the House of Representatives and head of the Council of Notables of the Community, delivered a speech in which he thanked the Deputy Minister and the visiting delegation for this generous gesture that they singled out for the Yemenis, reviewing some features of the close relationship between Yemen and Turkey throughout history, thanking the Friendship Association for arranging such a qualitative event. In order to achieve the public interest of Yemenis.
A film on the features of Yemeni-Turkish relations throughout history was also reviewed, and an introductory reportage on the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association.
The door to discussion was also opened and questions and inquiries were presented from a number of members of the community, which dealt with a number of problems and difficulties in the field of residency and others, which received answers, solutions and clarifications from the Deputy Minister and the head of the Immigration Department. The meeting resulted in outcomes, the most prominent of which was the approval of the request of the head of the community to complete the residency list Open, which was postponed in the second phase, for those who meet the criteria.
At the end of the meeting, the deputy minister and the visiting delegation were honored with the shield of the association and a masterpiece of Yemeni landmarks, in appreciation of their efforts and cooperation with the Yemenis and the provision of the necessary services and facilities.
It is worth noting that this Ramadan evening and iftar is the second after stopping for two past years due to the Corona pandemic, as the first evening was in 2019 AD.