Partial Scholarship Project

Project Idea:

The idea of the project is to provide a partial scholarship to Yemeni students most in need, with a monthly amount paid to contribute to covering tuition and living expenses, allowing the student to pursue his achievement and increase his academic level, so that he can then benefit himself, his family and his community.


General objective:

Providing partial financial scholarships to students who suffer from difficult financial conditions in order to continue their educational career and complete it with success and excellence.


Detailed objectives:

• Enhancing students’ excellence, discovering their talents, and consolidating the values of motivation, ambition, perseverance, and their innovation and creativity capabilities.

• Containing students from homelessness and dropping out of school, building virtuous values, and preserving the national identity of the targeted students.


Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

500 student