Rawahel Training Forum

Project Idea:

The idea of the program came from the association’s belief in the importance of contributing to the rehabilitation of students and the formation of a solid base of competencies, national leaders and young community cadres who are able to assume tasks and responsibilities with high efficiency, and prepare them to contribute to building the new Yemen in the next stage and preserving them from deviation and loss of national and Islamic identity in the countries of the Diaspora. This is done through qualifying and training students, raising their skill levels and providing them with different skills and cultures, promoting their national and Islamic values and building their capabilities to influence, change and lead business in various fields. The idea of the program is based on designing and implementing an integrated system of programs and training courses according to a scientific methodology based on the nature of The training needs of the targeted students, as the system provides qualification and distinguished sustainable development for individuals, and contributes to building their capabilities, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills, and enabling them to keep pace with scientific and technological progress, so that in the future they form a true nucleus of community leadership, that thinks, learns, innovates, produces, and advances in her Yemeni society.


Program Goals:

• Rehabilitation and training of (100) students, providing them with the knowledge and skills of community leadership, and empowering them with modern work methods.

• Developing students’ abilities culturally and psychologically, and enhancing their national values.

• Provide opportunities for students to form relationships among themselves and bring them into contact with influential professors and youth during the program period to help guide and build future plans and projects.

Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

100 student