Today, Saturday 8/27/2022, the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association concluded in the city of Istanbul the summer camp for Yemeni youth in Turkey, which lasted from 13 to 25 August 2022 in the city of Karabuk, in which 60 Yemeni high school students in Turkey participated, and the camp included many Among the training, awareness and cultural programmes, as well as qualitative, artistic and sports activities that aim to develop youth capabilities and raise their competencies.
At the closing ceremony, Mr. Abdul Rahman Baharmoz, Executive Director of the Society, spoke about the challenges facing Yemeni youth in the countries of the Diaspora, and the role played by these programs in developing youth perceptions, linking them to their culture and their Islamic and national identity, and preserving them from dissolving into other cultures.
Bahrams also touched on the vital role played by the association to support the youth sector with initiatives and programs that raise the level of youth work, indicating that the association is working hard to enrich and upgrade the experience of youth forums.
While Mr. Muhammad Al-Sharjabi spoke in the speech of the Yemeni community about the support of the Yemeni community for such purposeful programs that preserve the members of the community and develop in them the spirit of creativity.
On the other hand, Dr. Muhammad Qizan, in the parents’ speech, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association for carrying out such programs, urging the students to benefit from what they learned in the camp and make it a reality in their lives.
The ceremony was followed by student Ismail Al-Omrani speaking about the camp program and how the students enjoyed it and benefited a lot from it.
Before the conclusion, the speech was given by the camp director, Mr. Mustafa Al-Zubra, in which he talked about the creativity and talents of the participating youth, which he touched during the camp period, and that they need more support and attention, thanking parents for pushing their children to such programs.
The ceremony was attended by the parents of the participating students and a number of dignitaries and social figures. The ceremony included honoring the participants, exemplary students and winners in various competitions. Many cultural and artistic activities were presented by the students participating in the camp, which won the approval of the attendees.