Youth summer camp project

Project Idea:

The camp aims to strengthen the Yemeni national identity and consolidate the authentic Islamic values, through a moderate approach and supervisors with experience and knowledge, for a period of two weeks during the summer, in one of the student residences or tourist resorts.


Why youth summer camp?

• Because there is a large community of Yemeni students and youth in Turkey, they are gradually losing part of their religious and national identity.

• Because the targets are in constant need of acquiring Yemeni customs, traditions and culture that they lacked in the country of exile.

• For the entertainment and recreation of the students in an environment that combines Islamic originality and Western civilization.

• The societal reality and the calamities and deviations that young people suffer from in general require great efforts in which a number of institutions participate in supporting and assisting young people to preserve their identity.

Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place

Türkiye - Karabük

The target Number

50 student