The Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association concludes the Friendship Winter Youth Camp 2023 with the participation of more than 70 students.


The Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association concluded this evening, Wednesday 01/02/2023 AD, in the city of Istanbul, the Winter Friendship Camp for Youth, which lasted from January 30 to February 01, 2023 AD, in which more than 70 high school students participated.

At the closing ceremony, the president of the association, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqbi, welcomed the attendees, expressing his happiness at the success of the camp, and indicated that the association pays great attention to this important segment of students, as it represents the present and the pillar of the future. This camp is only one of the many programs that the association presented during the last period.
It is worth noting that the camp included many training and cultural programmes, as well as qualitative, artistic and sports activities aimed at developing students’ abilities and raising their competencies. Where the association hosted a group of specialists, experts, scholars and trainers who had a great impact on the students during the camp, and the participants benefited directly from it, which won their approval as a whole.

In his speech, the camp director, Mr. Osama Al-Khamisi, praised the interaction of the students in the programs, which helped achieve this success, urging parents to push their children for such programs.
The ceremony was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Zayed Jaber, who gave a speech to the parents of the participating students.
The Vice President of the Yemeni Community, Mr. Saddam Al-Dhibani, delivered the community’s speech.
The ceremony included many paragraphs presented by the students, which were well received by the audience
The ceremony was also attended by many official and social figures and dignitaries of the Yemeni community in Turkey
At the end of the ceremony, the students participating in the camp were honored.