The president of the association participates in the summit of Turkish volunteer organizations.

At the invitation of the Federation of Voluntary Organizations in Turkey, in partnership with the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Islamic World, the head of the association, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqbi at the Voluntary Organizations Summit, which was held in Kocaeli State from October 28-30, 2022. Under the title: Capacity Development and Cooperation Achievement.
At the summit, many working papers were presented, as well as a number of workshops in which the participants in the summit discussed a number of challenges and obstacles facing organizations, and proposed mechanisms to achieve cooperation between organizations.
During the summit, the president of the association gave a brief definition of the association and its programs in various fields, and stressed the importance of this summit and the necessity of holding it periodically.
The president of the association was accompanied to the summit by the relations official in the association, Mr. Jamali Sari.