Eid clothing project

Project Idea:

The project consists of distributing shopping cards to purchase the needs of Yemeni refugee families in Turkey for Eid clothes.

A team from the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey will distribute shopping cards for clothes to Yemeni refugee families in Turkey before the start of the Eid season. The project will provide many services:

1- Contracting with LC Waikiki to purchase 1,000 clothing shopping cards to be distributed to 1,000 Yemeni refugees in Turkey.

2- Provide delegates to deliver the cards to the beneficiaries at their homes.


Project goals:

Humanitarian intervention by providing in-kind aid from Eid clothes to 1,000 members of the most vulnerable and needy Yemeni families in Turkey.

– Contribute to alleviating the suffering of Yemeni families in the countries of the Diaspora.

Bringing joy and happiness to needy Yemeni families in Turkey during the Eid season.

Reducing the financial burden on families of children.

Target groups

Needy students and families

Execution place


The target Number

1000 person