Investment deposit project

Project Idea:

Given the association’s need for sustainable financial resources to cover its development projects and operational costs, with weak funding based on donations and financing for projects whose expenses are determined in advance, the association presents an investment deposit project based on depositing a specific amount of money in a bank for a specific period of time as an investment deposit, the proceeds of the deposit for the benefit of the association With the depositor retaining the capital amount of the deposit as a personal right, the donor thus retains his entire capital and donates the proceeds of the deposit to the association during the specified time period.

Project Goals:

1. Contribute to enabling the association to achieve financial sustainability in order to achieve its lofty vision and goals

2. Contribute to providing financing and financial stability for the educational projects of the association and increasing the number of beneficiaries thereof.

3. Contribute to securing the association’s operational expenses.

4. Expanding and increasing the beneficiaries to serve the future development goals of the association and the beneficiaries.

5. Opening new horizons and distinguished initiatives to support the association in safe and effective ways.

Target Groups

Beneficiaries of the association's programs and activities

Execution Place


Target Number