Student housing project

Project Idea:

The idea of the project is to provide a safe and supportive housing environment for Yemeni students studying in Turkish universities in Istanbul, who suffer from difficult financial conditions that resulted in their failure to pay housing and subsistence fees, by providing housing and nutrition for the most needy students in order to enable them to complete their educational path, rehabilitate them and provide them with knowledge. And life and job skills, and preparing them to build the future, as student housing is one of the main factors positively affecting the life of a university student who is expatriate from his homeland for study, through an integrated system of care and services provided by housing to students, with the aim of helping and caring for them and solving the economic problems they are exposed to. Or social or psychological, and work to invest students’ free time in targeted training programs and various activities (cultural, social, sports) that develop their personality and highlight their talents.


General objective:

Providing a residential environment for the care of Yemeni students studying in Turkish universities in Istanbul, and developing their knowledge and skills.


Detailed objectives:

1 – Providing housing in Istanbul for 200 students who have difficulty paying housing fees.

2 – Promoting students’ academic excellence, discovering their talents, and consolidating the values of motivation, ambition, perseverance, and their innovation and creativity capabilities.

3 – Reducing the financial burdens of students who have been stranded and whose lives have been constrained due to the humanitarian situation that Yemen is going through.


Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

200 student