Study seats at discounts of 50% to 70% at Ibn Khaldun University in Istanbul

In light of the partnership and cooperation between the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey, and Ibn Khaldun University in Istanbul, which specializes in social sciences.
The Director of the Association, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqbi, visits the Director of External Relations at the University, Prof. Anas Yelman.
The most important results of the visit:
1- A discount for undergraduate students from 50% to 75%.
2- A reduction for the Master’s degree up to 50%.
3- Two free doctoral scholarships for the association.
4- Reducing English language preparation up to 75%
Important note:
1- Studying at the university in English only for all majors.
2- The applicant must hold a TOEFL certificate or prepare for the English language test at the university.
3- If he cannot pass the language exam, he must study a preparatory year for the English language, which includes a discount of up to 75%.
Faculties and specialization:
-Management college
Business Management.
College of Communication
Media and communications
College of Educational Sciences
psychological Guidance and counseling.
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
the date .
Political science and international relations.
psychology .
Comparative literature .
College of Islamic Sciences
Islamic Sciences (30% English)
-collage of rights
Law (30% English)
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