The association holds a youth friendship forum in conjunction with the inauguration of university housing.The Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association held the Youth Friendship Forum in the city of Karabuk.

Which runs from 14-16 February 2020
The celebration was attended by the Vice President of Karbuk University, Prof. Mustafa Yashar, the Director of Education in Karbuk, and a number of Turkish organizations and Turkish and Yemeni social figures.
At the opening ceremony of the forum, the head of the Friendship Association, Dr. Abdul Raqib Abbad, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees, reviewing the most important achievements of the association in its sixth anniversary.
The vice president of the university also delivered a speech at the ceremony in which he thanked the association and those in charge of it for their support and contribution to Yemeni students and the educational process, expressing their willingness to cooperate and facilitate Yemeni students. At the end of the ceremony, a number of Turkish and Yemeni authorities and personalities were honored.
After the celebration, they went to the university student residence of the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association, which can accommodate about 227 students, where the ribbon was cut by the Vice President of Karbuk University, Professor Mustafa Yashar, and a number of Yemeni and Turkish personalities. And the opening ceremony was officially held after obtaining the official license from the Turkish Education.
The programs of the Youth Friendship Forum continued on the first day with a training course after Maghrib prayer, which was delivered by Professor Fouad Al-Sabri.
It is worth noting that the forum is held on the sixth founding anniversary of the association, as it was established on 2/14/2014, and the activities, programs and sessions of the forum will continue for the period 14-16 February 2020