The conclusion of the Youth Friendship Forum. Karabuk-Türkiye.

The work of the Youth Friendship Forum was concluded in the city of Karabuk on Sunday 2/16/2020, which lasted for three days, from 14-16 February 2020 AD, as the forum included many lectures, courses, programs, sessions and workshops.
The forum started with an opening ceremony attended by the Vice President of the University of Karbuk, Professor Mustafa Yashar, the Director of Education in the city of Karbuk, the President of the Friendship Association, Dr. Abdul Raqeeb Abbad, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi, Vice President of the Association, Vice President of the Yemeni Community, and a number of Turkish organizations and Turkish and Yemeni social figures.
At the opening ceremony of the forum, the head of the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association, Dr. Abdul Raqib Abbad, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees, reviewing the most important achievements of the association in its sixth anniversary.
The vice president of the university also gave a speech at the ceremony in which he thanked the association and those in charge of it and the support and contribution they provide to Yemeni students and the educational process, expressing their willingness to cooperate and facilitate Yemeni students. At the end of the ceremony, a number of Turkish and Yemeni authorities and personalities were honored.
After the celebration, they went to the university student residence of the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association, which can accommodate about 227 students, where the ribbon was cut by the Vice President of Karbuk University, Professor Mustafa Yashar, and a number of Yemeni and Turkish personalities. And the opening was officially inaugurated after obtaining the official license from the Turkish Education.
The programs of the Youth Friendship Forum continued on the first day with a workshop after the Maghrib prayer delivered by Professor Eng.
The work of the forum opened for the second day, Saturday, February 15, 2020, with a lecture by Professor Mustafa Yashar, Vice President of Karabük University, entitled (Academic Success), in which he touched on the proper methods for academic success and how the student can make his way in education successfully and effectively in order to benefit his country.
This was followed by a lecture by Dr. Ahmed Al-Dagshi entitled (Features of Islamic and Arab identity between stability and change in light of globalization).
In it, he touched on the changes that occur to the Islamic and Arab identity in the changes that invade it in light of globalization, and how to be steadfast in it and not neglect it.
The programs of the forum will continue for the second day with a lecture by Dr. Abdul Raqib Abbad
This was followed by a lecture by Dr. Mustafa Al-Maumri entitled (Youth and their role in the equations of advancement and civilization), in which he touched on the importance of the role of youth in the advancement of civilizations, what countries depend on them in building their future, and what is the expected role of these youth in building their homeland, Yemen upon their return.
The Friendship Forum program continues for the second day with a training course entitled (Strategic Personal Planning) by Dr. Salim Al-Kahali, who explained the importance of strategic personal planning for each person if he wants to succeed and achieve his goals and aspirations. The course included practical exercises on how to make a strategic personal plan and divide its goals and means.
The second day concluded with a cultural evening in the residence, which included many recreational and cultural activities
The work of the third and final day of the recipient began with an introductory lecture about Jerusalem and an introduction to it by Dr. Marouh Nassar, in which he learned about Jerusalem, its cause, and the grave violations and assaults it is exposed to by the Israeli occupation forces and the attempt to Judaize it and obliterate its features.
The forum concluded with an artistic ceremony in which many paragraphs and speeches were delivered, most notably the speech of the Friendship Society, which was delivered by Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi, Vice President of the Society, in which he thanked the guests present, as well as the committees and work teams that made their efforts in making this forum a success, as well as a speech about the students in which they thanked the Society for holding this forum.
The ceremony was concluded by honoring some of the guests present, the committees and workers in the forum during these days, as well as the committees working in housing in the past period.
It is worth noting that the Youth Friendship Forum is being held on the occasion of the opening of the university student housing in the city of Karabuk and coinciding with the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association.