Prof. Dr. Rafik Polat, President of Karabük University, and his deputy, Dr. Mustafa Yashar, last Saturday, the university student housing in Karabük.

They were received by Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi, Acting Chairman of the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association, Prof. Arkan Uzunla, Director of Housing, and M. Mubarak Al-Tamimi, General Supervisor of Housing.

At the beginning of the visit, the most important student services provided by housing for students, the size of the housing capacity, and the most important activities and events carried out by the housing administration for students were reviewed.

This was followed by a general tour of the President of Karabük University and his vice in all parts of the residence. For his part, the President of the University expressed his admiration for the housing and the services it provides to Yemeni students in Karabük, expressing the university’s readiness to cooperate with the housing administration in supporting and overcoming problems that may face housing.

The visit was attended by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Maliki, President of the General Union and the executive body of the General Union of Yemeni students in Turkey.