The Yemeni community in Turkey, in partnership with the Yemeni-Turkish Friendship and Cooperation Association, concluded this evening, Sunday, the We are the Yemenis 2 Family Forum, at the Rizum tourist resort in the Turkish city of Yalova.
The forum, which included more than 69 participating families, is the first family forum for the Yemeni community in Turkey.
On the first day, the forum started with a tour to the Turkish city of Yalova, after which the participants headed to the tourist resort of Rizum.
On the evening of the first day, the opening ceremony of the forum was held, which included many technical paragraphs. In the speech of the head of the forum, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqbi welcomed the participating families, wishing them to spend enjoyable times in the resort, as well as by benefiting from the activities and programs contained in the forum.
His Excellency the Attaché for Expatriate Affairs at the Yemeni Embassy, Mr. Muhammad Al-Hamid, delivered the speech of the Yemeni Embassy, in which he expressed the thanks of the diplomatic mission for managing the forum and its willingness to support such activities that serve the community in general.
On the second day, the participants were divided into three categories, the married category, the youth category, and the children category, and for each category a special program was prepared for that category.
On the evening of the second day of the forum, the participants celebrated the bridal wedding in a Yemeni-Turkish atmosphere, with many Yemeni folk dances.
The forum concluded its third day with a workshop on the challenges facing the Yemeni family in the Diaspora.