Today, Tuesday 5/7/2022, the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association concluded in the city of Istanbul the Fourth Youth Friendship Forum, which lasted from 01 to 05 July 2022, in which 80 students from various universities and disciplines participated. The closing ceremony was also attended by a number of dignitaries and official and social figures. The forum included many training and cultural programs, as well as qualitative, artistic, sports and professional activities aimed at developing students’ abilities and raising their competencies. The association hosted a group of specialists, experts, scholars and trainers who had a great impact on the students during the forum.
The forum opened in the presence of Dr. Abdullah Al-Ajmi, Director of the Yemen Office of Mercy International. Where he expressed his admiration and fascination with the work and activities of the association, which always seeks to empower male and female students who are the basis for the renaissance of the homelands.
On the first day, the forum included many training courses presented by:
– Engineer Fouad Al-Sabri.
– Dr. Mustafa Al-Momari.
On the second day, many intellectual and training programs were held, presented by:
– Professor Ahmed Al-Aqrabi.
– Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Mikhlafi.
– Dr. Abdul Wahhab Al-Tariri.
On the third day, the most prominent guests of the forum were:
– Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Ashwal.
– Dr. Abdullah Al-Akwa.
– Dr. Faris Al-Azzawi.
– Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi.
On the fourth day, the forum administration hosted a new group of scholars and thinkers, the most prominent of whom were:
– Dr. Daoud Al-Hadabi.
– Dr. Abdullah Al-Tamimi.
Dr. Ali Qara Daghi.
All the guests had a variety of contributions in administrative, leadership and intellectual topics that were appreciated by the participants.
At the end of the forum, a closing ceremony was held in the presence of Dr. Essam Al-Bashir, Director of the Center for Strategic Islamic Political Thought, during which he delivered a valuable speech.
The Vice President of the Yemeni Community, Mr. Saddam Al-Dhibani, also attended and delivered the community’s speech.
The ceremony included honoring the graduates of the Society’s scholarship program who completed their bachelor’s degree this year. Many paragraphs were also presented, the most prominent of which was the inspirational paragraph, which dazzled the attendees, in which a group of students presented their success stories through which they achieved great innovations, achievements and inventions. The Society had a major role in their access to this Success with support, support and motivation. Until they completed their studies and projects with excellence and success.