In a positive and fruitful visit by the Executive Director of the Association, Mr. Mansour Al-Ashawi, Director of the Financial Resources Development Department of the Association, Mr. Najib Yamani, and the Relationship Officer of the Association, Mr. Abdul Hakim Mirza Ulu, on Wednesday 12/16/2020 AD, to the Beşir Derneği Association, during which they met With Mr. Obaidullah Demirji and his team, to open new relations between the two associations and cooperate with each other in the various fields of good in pursuit of integration and consolidation of the relationship.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Obaidullah welcomed the association’s delegation, expressing his admiration for the association’s work and projects.

In turn, Mr. Mansour Al-Ashawi, the executive director of the association, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the management of the Beşir Derneği Association for its work and projects and its interest in the Yemeni society and its development.

For his part, Mr. Najeeb Yamani, Director of Financial Resources Development, explained the projects and mechanism of work of the Friendship Association in the educational, training, humanitarian and societies aspects, and their great impact on Yemenis in Turkey and Yemen.

In conclusion, the Executive Director Mansour El-Ashawi thanked the Beşir Derneği Association for the good fortune and the ever-hesitating fog of relations between the two associations and public projects in the future.