This morning, Monday, the Union of Yemeni Students in Turkey, represented by the President of the Union, Abd al-Rahman al-Maliki, and members of the administrative body from the Karaman branch, represented by the President of the Union, Zakaria Hades, and the Secretary-General, Anas al-Hakimi, visited the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association-Turkey at its office in Istanbul.

At the beginning of the visit, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi, the director of the association, welcomed the federation and members of the administrative body.
During the meeting, the conditions of the Yemeni students in the city of Kerman were discussed, and the procedures that were taken in dealing with admissions for the students of Kerman were presented, as the association presented the union with the documents according to which the students committed themselves to bear all the financial costs of tuition fees, housing and living, which clarifies that the association does not bear any Financial costs as acknowledged by the sponsor and the guarantor
With regard to the problems that students faced in their specializations, the association has sought and will seek to communicate with the university and follow up on resolving all outstanding problems.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi, Director of the Association, emphasized the existence of a representative entity for Yemeni students in Turkey, which is the General Union, and any problem or misunderstanding that occurs is communicated through the General Union to the Association.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Abd al-Rahman Bahramoz, head of the education department of the association, and d. Ahmed Al-Salihi is a student from Kerman City.