Based on our vision… Comprehensive development and sustainable impact and in light of the cooperation between the *Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association-Turkey* and *Sakarya Universitesi*

In the Turkish city of Sakarya, free study seats have been allocated for all Yemeni students wishing to study at university (Bachelor’s – Master’s – PhD) in many of the following available departments:
*Faculty of Computer and Information*
1/ Computer engineering
2/ Information systems
*Faculty of medicine*
1/ Human medicine
2/ Dentistry
*collage of rights*
1/ Department of Rights
College of Journalism and Information
1/ Journalism
2/ Public relations
3/ designs and media
*Management college*
1/ Human Resources Department
2/ Business Administration
3/ Health administration
4/ Management of information systems
*College of Engineering*
1/ Environmental Engineering
2/ electrical and electronic engineering
3 / Industrial Engineering
4/ food engineering
5/ Civil Engineering
6/ Geophysical engineering
7/ Mechanical Engineering
8/ Metallurgical Engineering
9/ Metallurgical Engineering (English)
10/ Architecture
*Faculty of Political Science*
1/ Economy
2/ Financial
3/ Public policy and administration
4/ International relations
5/ Economics and industry relations 6/ Econometrics
* Study in Turkish *
Grant conditions:*
– To be of Yemeni nationality and not required to be inside Türkiye
– To have a valid Yemeni passport
He should not have any academic seat from other institutions
The required documents must be completed and approved by the concerned ministries
Bringing a guarantee of continuity and maintaining the academic seat from well-known commercial institutions
Bringing a recommendation from Yemeni personalities or entities known to the association.
Fill in the scholarship link on time
The study seat is free.
– An acknowledgment that the student will bear the costs of housing, living, travel costs, maintaining the seat, and paying the costs of the seat in case of leaving.
To register, please fill in the link below. The deadline for registration is June 10, 2019
For inquiries, please contact the following number: – 05318660520 – 05372861143
Submission link /