Comprehensive educational scholarship project for outstanding students

Project Idea:

Providing integrated care for outstanding and talented Yemeni students studying in Turkish universities, through which students receive a package of services, including the provision of a monthly financial grant, housing and nutrition, training, and various activities and programs, in an attractive and stimulating educational environment that contributes to enabling the student to display values and morals Achieving academic excellence, creativity, personal and societal distinction, and the ability to improve himself and his society.


The project focuses on sponsoring and qualifying outstanding and talented Yemeni students studying in Turkish universities, in specializations of quality that Yemen needs in the future, through the following:

1- Academic qualification: The Friendship Association invests in its relationship with Turkish universities to provide study seats in competitive universities, and to follow up the progress of academic studies.

2- Cognitive and skillful rehabilitation: through a rehabilitation and training program that advances the student, expands his knowledge, develops his skills, and builds his leadership and professional personality during the study period.

3- Social Welfare: by providing a safe and stable educational environment, in which all means of decent living are available, and social, educational and psychological supervision to enable students to achieve the highest level of excellence.




General objective:

Providing Yemeni society with pioneering and distinguished scientific and professional competencies in qualitative specializations, which contribute to achieving sustainable development and the civilized advancement of society.




Detailed objectives:

– Contributing to securing integrated care for outstanding and talented Yemeni students, and enabling them to complete their university education, in an educational environment that stimulates them to acquire values and skills, and achieve excellence and success.

Securing a monthly financial grant for (50) beneficiaries of outstanding and academically distinguished students.

Providing adequate housing for (50) male and female students, in order to provide them with a safe and stimulating educational environment for excellence and success.

Implementation of (2) skills training programs containing (10) various training courses with a total of (40) training hours, to provide students with the necessary skills and experience.

– Implementing (1) a specialized program to provide the necessary academic support and guidance for students covered by sponsorship.

Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

50 student