Director of TIKA Office in Yemen Visits Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association-Turkey

September 24, 2019

Today, Tuesday morning, Mr Abdullah Sari, director of TIKA Office in Yemen, visited the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey. He was received by Dr. Abdul Raqeeb Abbad, head of the Association, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi, director of the Association, at the its headquarters in Istanbul.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Abdul-Raqeeb Abbad, head of the Association, welcomed Mr Abdullah. He added; “We are happy with such visits that enhance brotherhood and cooperation between the two countries.”

During the visit, Mr Abdullah Sari was given information about the Association and its important activities, programs and events provided to Yemenis in the immigration country, Turkey.

Mr. Abdullah Sari thanked the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey for their warm welcome. He added; “We are always serving the Yemenis whether inside or outside Yemen, especially during this current crisis. In addition, Yemen is one of the friendly and close countries of Turkey.”

The meeting was attended by Dr. Omar Al-Shami, advisor to the General Director of Kara Hospital in Ma’rib, and Dr. Mujahid Morgan, Head of the Yemeni International Development Agency (YIDA).