Dr. Essam Al-Bashir Is Guest of Ramadan Evening in Second Friendship Forum

May 25, 2019

Today, Friday evening, the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey held the second Friendship Forum in Ramadan Evening with the presence of Dr. Essam Al-Bashir, the well-known Islamic thinker and preacher.

The forum was attended by a number of dignitaries, social persons, official persons, doctors and known persons, including merchants and notables from Yemen, Turkey and other Arab countries.

At the beginning of the Forum, Dr. Abdel-Raqib Abbad, Head of the Association, welcomed the attendees and thanked them for accepting the invitation. Then, he reviewed the most important achievements of the Association during the previous period.

The evening performances included a speech given by Dr. Essam Al-Bashir and chants performed by the vocalist Suleiman Al-Iraqi.

The evening ended with an Iftar banquet, followed by a discussion session with the guest of this event which included a lot of jokes and poems reflecting Dr. Essam Al-Bashir’s sense of humor. It also included chants performed by the vocalist Suleiman Al-Iraqi. Finally, Taraweeh prayers were performed at the Association’s headquarters