Educational sponsorship program project for school students

Project Idea:

A comprehensive educational guarantee for school students, providing them with integrated care throughout the academic year in several educational and skill fields, through a package of activities and interactive programs designed according to a professional methodology and creative educational methods to meet the educational needs of beneficiaries, through the payment of tuition fees, training courses, and recreational and social activities , in an environment that is attractive and motivating for academic excellence, and creating an ambitious and creative generation, capable of self-improvement, and the advancement of its society and country.


Project goals:

1. Full or partial payment of school fees for one academic year for (20) male and female students.

2. Implementing (1) a faith-based educational program to enable the beneficiaries to improve their educational level.

3. Holding a training course in the areas of self-development and the acquisition of life and technical skills.

4. Organizing (5) interactive activities in several sports, entertainment, community and cultural fields for the beneficiaries.

5. Providing (20) educational and counseling consultations to the families of the students benefiting from the sponsorship.


Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

20 student