We are the Yemenis Forum

the forum Idea:

The idea of the “We are the Yemenis” forum emerged in Turkey three years ago due to the presence of a large Yemeni community, numbering more than thirty thousand Yemenis, who face great and varied challenges in terms of national, cultural and moral affiliation, and need more efforts that contribute to addressing them.

Therefore, the idea of the forum came in its first edition in 2019 AD as an experiment that brought together the elite of the community, and it achieved great success in bringing together several segments of Yemenis residing in Turkey, and one of its outputs was that the next forum would be a family forum, and in 2020 AD the second version was the family forum that It brought together 74 families with a total of 310 people in a Yemeni environment that satisfied everyone, strengthened ties between families, and revived many Yemeni customs and traditions, and in this year 2021 AD, the association bears the same concern and ambition in helping Yemenis create more rapprochement and compassion in the country of exile by announcing the copy The third forum we are the Yemeni family.




Forum objectives:

1)- Promoting the meanings of identity and cultural belonging to the homeland among the Yemeni community in Turkey.

2)- Creating a kind of cohesion, brotherhood and intimacy among the people of Yemen in the Diaspora.

3)- Exchanging family expertise and experiences in raising children and dealing between spouses through discussion and workshops.

4)- Educating the community about the legal procedures of the host country, taking advantage of the available opportunities, and avoiding potential problems.

5)- Recreation with various recreational and family activities.

Target groups

Yemeni society in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

100 families of the Yemeni community