Friendship Forums Project

Project Idea:

The idea of “Friendship Forums for Culture and Development” was launched to create a cultural and social environment that incubates the Yemeni community in Turkey. It works to implement community initiatives to preserve the cultural, intellectual and social identity of Yemeni youth, to establish training programs and targeted activities, and to make room for cultural events and forums that preserve The cultural identity that began to dissolve with the passage of time, and to contribute to adopting and encouraging the creativity and innovations of students, and to strengthen their affiliation with their religion and nation, and work to refine their talents, and enable them to integrate with other cultures, while preserving the noble values and Islamic and Arab identity.



General Goal

The establishment of many programs that have a direct impact on the behavior of individuals and the preservation of the national identity of the Yemeni society in the country of exile.



detailed objectives

1- Securing a social and cultural environment that fosters young men and women.

2- Enhancing the national identity of young men and women and qualifying them to learn about the culture of the host community and support integration and lasting positive coexistence.

3- Carrying out cultural and entertainment activities, competitions and targeted events.

4- Paying attention to teaching the Holy Qur’an and its sciences, and instilling values and behaviors in the hearts of students.

5- Building the personality of the student knowledgeably and skillfully, nurturing talents and adopting creativity and innovation among young people.

6- Cultivating a culture of volunteer work and community service among young people.

7- Targeting more than 5,000 individuals in all events and activities throughout the year

Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

5000 student