Maher's project for self-sufficiency

Project Idea:

A package of vocational and vocational training and rehabilitation programs for migrant families in Turkey, to provide them with the necessary skills, experience and ingredients to meet the needs of the labor market, according to their abilities and professional paths, in the context of the vision and plan of the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association aimed at improving the quality of life of these families, and transforming them from groups in need of support and care, To productive energies that contribute to achieving self-sufficiency and transforming them from families in need into productive families that support others in later stages.




General objective:

Building a system of educational and moral values that have a direct impact on the behavior of individuals and preserving the national identity of the Yemeni society in the country of exile.




Detailed objectives:

1- Securing a social and cultural environment that fosters young men and women.

2- Enhancing the national identity of young men and women and qualifying them to learn about the culture of the host community and support integration and lasting positive coexistence.

3- Carrying out cultural and entertainment activities, competitions and targeted events.

4- Paying attention to teaching the Holy Qur’an and its sciences, and instilling values and behaviors in the hearts of students.

5- Building the student’s personality cognitively, skillfully and morally, nurturing talents and fostering creativity and innovation among young people.

6- Cultivating a culture of volunteer work and community service among young people.

7- Targeting more than 5,000 individuals in all events and activities throughout the year.

Target groups

Yemeni immigrant families and their children in the Republic of Turkey

Execution place


The target Number

5000 student