National Identity Conference

Project Idea:

The subject of national identity is one of the most important topics of concern at the global level, especially in light of contemporary challenges such as globalization and the accompanying massive revolution in information and communication technology and its repercussions on the identities of the religious, cultural, intellectual, political, social and economic dimensions it carries. Based on this, the idea of organizing the Identity Conference came about, especially with the massive emigration of Yemenis as a result of the war and the events that affected Yemeni society, which caused the emigration of many of its people who found themselves among culturally different societies, especially those who migrated to non-Arab countries (Turkey for example). This made them face major transformations in light of the challenges of globalization and economic and technological development, and its repercussions on the new generations, especially the young generation, who suffer in some cases from assimilation into other cultures, in light of the challenges that destroy the national identity from the outside and the inside together. What prompted us in the Yemeni-Turkish Friendship and Cooperation Association to work on organizing the identity conference to contribute to protecting it from isolation or extinction in front of other identities while urging us to keep pace with the process of modernization, development and openness to the other in light of preserving the traditions of the Yemeni society that has a distinctive identity, and has religious and national values Well-established, we seek through the conference to enlighten the youth and strengthen it among all the Yemeni community in Turkey to create more civilized loyalty to the homeland.


General objective:

Analyzing the reality of national identity in Yemen by scientifically defining the concept of national identity and its various dimensions, and identifying the determinants of national identity and ways to enhance it.


Detailed objectives:

1- Instilling and strengthening the concept and value of national identity among the Yemeni community in the Diaspora.

2- Strengthening the cultural belonging to the homeland, and increasing interest in it and developing it.

3- Contributing to preserving and protecting the national identity from alienation or extinction in front of other identities.

4- Keeping pace with the process of modernization, development, and openness to the other, while preserving the traditions of society.

Target groups

The Yemeni community in general and the students in particular

Execution place


The target Number

250 direct 1000 online

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