Under the auspices of the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association and the Esnad Association for Student Empowerment, on Wednesday morning, corresponding to 9/8/2021, the Union of Yemeni Students in Turkey concluded the Summer Student Forum, its activities that lasted for three days, in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdullah Al-Wasabi, and the Undersecretary for the Scholarships Sector, Dr. Mazen Al-Jifri, government officials, dignitaries and businessmen, in the Turkish city of Ankara.
The activities of the forum, which lasted for three consecutive days – sponsored by the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association and the Esnad Association for Student Empowerment – varied between scientific conferences, training, seminars, sports, entertainment, literary and artistic activities.
The forum focused heavily on building and providing students with the necessary training in several aspects, including leadership, managing teams and volunteer initiatives, building and managing state institutions, in addition to highlighting the importance of youth for the development methodology and sustainable impact.
The head of the Yemeni Students Union in Turkey, “Abdul Rahman Al-Maliki,” said, “The forum was held with the aim of refining students’ skills, motivating them, encouraging them, developing them, and training them, especially in the academic and research aspects in the country of exile.”
He pointed out that the activities of the forum included “programs, activities and conferences such as the National Youth Dialogue Conference and the Union Researcher Conference,” and said that “this is to let everyone know that there are conscious and mature Yemeni minds competing for success, values, sciences, and all that the country needs in terms of specializations in the future, and that it can offer a lot to Yemen for its renaissance and future.” “.
At the closing ceremony, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi praised in his speech the experience of the Yemeni Student Union in Turkey, calling on all civil society organizations to stand by this student union, which was distinguished in providing its services and programs to students, stressing the association’s continued support for such programs, and reviewed the services provided by the association, referring to The association, through its programs, provides its services to all members of the Yemeni community in Turkey, and students enjoy the largest share of the association’s programs in accordance with the association’s strategy of caring for the human being to return as a good brick that contributes to building the nation.
At the end of the ceremony, many creative students were honored in their fields and projects, such as the winners of the Union Researcher competition, short films, and another student who succeeded in making a miniature model of a drone, and their projects were presented within the activities of the forum.