On Friday 7/16/2021, the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association concluded in Yalova – Turkey, the third training youth friendship forum, which was attended by a group of outstanding and talented students studying in Turkey.
The forum included many courses and various paragraphs rich in knowledge and benefit that enhance the principle of national identity among students and help them to continue their academic journey with excellence and success. The most prominent of these courses were:
Positive and creative thinking skills —–> Counselor / Salim Al-Kahali.
Milestones about the solid elite (flexibility and mental toughness – challenge – commitment – confidence – and control)
Crisis management (facing pressures and challenges) —-> by Mr. Mohamed Aqrabi.
Self-confidence and self-dealing —-> by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Wali.
– Time management and priorities —-> to the consultant / Najeeb Yamani.
– Administrative and Social Organization —-> by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawa. (via Zoom)
Voluntary workshop and implementation of youth initiatives.
personal strategic planning,
Drawing goals, scheduling work, and prioritizing —-> by Eng. Fouad Al-Sabri.
– Introductions to Strategic Awareness —-> by Dr. Muhammad Salem Al-Rashed. (via Zoom)
– Youth and their role in the equations of advancement and civilization —-> by Dr. Mustafa Al-Momari.
The forum concluded with a closing ceremony in which the president of the association, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqbi, spoke about the association’s interest in students and giving it more attention and care in training and qualification accompanying the educational process to produce qualified and professionally trained cadres that contribute to serving the country in the future. The ceremony included many paragraphs and events, and honoring the participants