Zarr A. Tariq Motahar, cultural advisor at the Yemeni embassy in Turkey, this morning, Wednesday, at Al-Sadaqa university residence in Karabük.
He was received by a. Mubarak Al-Tamimi, General Supervisor of the University Friendship Housing.
At the beginning of the visit, he welcomed a. Mubarak Al-Tamimi, with the cultural advisor, thanking him for this visit to the Friendship Housing. Al-Tamimi added that the housing provides integrated services for Yemeni students in the city of Karabuk, aiming to help students in their academic achievement.
For his part, he praised A. Tareq Motahar with the services provided by the University Friendship Residence for students in Karabük.

The visit was attended by M. Muhammad Al-Razi, Vice President of the Yemeni Students Union in Turkey, Karabük Branch, and Prof. Ibrahim Al-Yamani, Secretary of Cultural Affairs at the Yemeni Embassy in Ankara