Yesterday, Thursday, the Yemeni-Turkey Friendship and Cooperation Association inaugurated a clothing card project (LC WAİKİKİ) for children of Yemeni families across Turkey. The association’s office in Istanbul.

This initiative is the second of the Yemeni-Turkey Friendship and Cooperation Association, as it came in response to the initiative of Yemenis in Turkey and within the “Sand” campaign launched by the Yemeni community in Turkey. To contribute to alleviating some of the suffering of the Yemeni community due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in Turkey.

It is worth noting that the project targets (all those who registered in the electronic link of the project that was published on all social media) from Yemeni families in Turkey, where it was agreed with a global brand chain (LC WAİKİKİ) to fill in an amount of money on a shopping card worth 250 pounds For each child, through it, he can buy any clothes that suit him in type and size from any of the brand’s branches throughout Turkey, and this will continue to complete the distribution of cards in the coming days. This humanitarian initiative comes after the completion of the first initiative, which included food cards from the BIM market chain.