Based on the association’s vision to achieve a sustainable impact
And in light of the cooperation between the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Türkiye and the University
Sakarya universitesi


(For the second year in a row)
The education department of the association has granted a number of admissions in several academic disciplines to all Yemeni students (who are in Turkey only) who wish to study at Sakarya University at the undergraduate level, in the available majors that you can find in the registration link below.

Admission requirements:
– To be of Yemeni nationality and required to be inside Türkiye.
The percentage of the student in the high school level should be consistent with the percentage set for the university, the average being 70-85 according to the type of specialization.
– To have a valid Yemeni passport and Turkish residence.
He should not have any academic seat from other institutions.
The required documents must be completed and approved by the concerned ministries.
Bringing a guarantee of continuity and maintaining the academic seat from well-known commercial or personal institutions.
Bringing a recommendation from a Yemeni person or entities known to the association.
Fill in the admission link on time
– An acknowledgment that the student will bear the costs of the seat fees.

– The association provides admission to the student without requiring the YOS or SAT exam.
The association does not bear any financial obligations to the university or the student.
– The student bears the seat fees and living costs in the city.
Study in Turkish.

To register, please fill in the link below, the last date for registration is the date
For inquiries, please contact the following number: – 05318660520 – 05354201388

Submission link /Click.