Youth Friendship Forum

Project Idea:

The Yemeni society faces many problems and challenges due to the war and its negative repercussions, and the destruction and sabotage that included all fields, institutions and bodies of Yemeni society, which face great challenges to rehabilitate them and enable them to keep pace with development and the accompanying changes. The Yemeni student is considered the real capital in the future for all Yemeni institutions, and in order for these institutions to lay the foundations for their development and achieve the desired success, they must rely on well-trained and qualified human cadres. It needs educational programs that contribute to preserving its Islamic and national morals and values, as it relies on this cadre to play an active role in building the institutions of the state and Yemeni society, in the stage of rebuilding Yemen after the end of the war, and the start of the stage of construction and development, hence this program, which I launched The Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association, believing in the importance of qualifying and training students and keeping them from deviation, and the need to raise their competencies, in order to prepare the necessary cadres to undertake the construction of the new Yemen.


Why Youth Friendship Forum?

• The urgent need for highly qualified and qualified cadres, who will contribute effectively to the advancement of Yemeni society in the next stage, and the building of a new Yemen.

• Due to the presence of a large community of Yemeni students in Turkey, they represent a good opportunity to provide Yemeni society with highly qualified human resources, through training, qualifying and developing them, and enabling them to keep pace with development.

• Because students are constantly in need of learning and gaining experience, developing their abilities in life, or acquiring knowledge and skills related to increasing work opportunities and fields, and promotion to leadership and quality positions.

• Training is an integrated strategic framework within the human resources development system to meet the challenges of changing work requirements and the rapid knowledge development within the work environment.

Target groups

Educational scholarship students at our association

Execution place


The target Number

150 student