Granting Discounts at Open University of Sudan Through Friendship and Cooperation Association

January 31, 2020

In the context of understanding and partnership between the Open University of Sudan, which is one of the Sudanese public universities recognized by many European and Arab universities, and the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey, the university granted a discount to Yemeni students in Turkey in all the academic degrees. It is worth noting that studying in the university is through the distance learning system and discussion and exams are conducted in Turkey through the branch of the university in Istanbul. The discount includes all specializations as follows:

Bachelor’s degree is $ 600 for the academic year

Higher diploma is $ 1500

Master’s degree is 3000 dollars

PhD degree is 4500 dollars

Available specializations:

1) Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (Bachelor + Master + PhD)

2) Arabic Language and History (Bachelor)

3) Islamic Studies and Geography (Bachelor)

4) Islamic Studies and History (Bachelor)

5) Geography and History (Bachelor + Higher Diploma + Master + Doctorate)

6) Mathematics and Computer (Bachelor)

7) Mathematics and Physics (Bachelor)

8) Chemistry and Biology (Bachelor)

9) Biology and Animal Production (Bachelor)

10) English Language (Bachelor)

11) Kindergarten (Bachelor)

12) Business Administration (Bachelor + Higher Diploma + Master + Doctorate)

13) Accounting (Bachelor + Higher Diploma + Master + Doctorate)

14) Law (Bachelor + Master + PhD)

15) Languages ​​- Arabic – English (Bachelor + Higher Diploma + Master + Doctorate)

16) Economics, Finance and Islamic Sciences (Islamic Economics – Islamic Finance)

17) Media – Radio and Television – Public Relations and Advertising – Press and Publishing

18) Education (Teaching Methods and Curricula) (Higher diploma + Master + PhD)

19) Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers (Higher Diploma + Master + PhD)

20) Computer Science (Higher Diploma + Master + PhD)

21) Information Technology (Higher Diploma + Master + PhD)

22) Software Engineering (Higher Diploma + Master + PhD)

23) Archeology and Tourism Guidance (Higher Diploma + Master + PhD)

24) Sudanese Folklore – Folklore (Higher Diploma + Master + PhD)

25) Islamic Archeology (Higher Diploma + Master + PhD)

26) Media (Master + PhD)

27) Psychology (Master + PhD)

28) Economics (Master + PhD)

29) Translation (Master + PhD)

30) Ancient Sudanese and Egyptian Studies (Master + PhD)

31) Master of Business Administration (MBA)

If you want to study at the university and benefit from the mentioned discount, you can register via the following link: Click here

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