Student forums project for Yemeni students

Project Idea:

It is known that the scholarship of Yemeni students to Turkey increases year after year, and the number of Yemeni students in Turkey has exceeded 3,200 students distributed over 63 governorates.

This transition from the conservative Yemeni environment to an open environment in which customs, traditions and behaviors differ in various aspects of life puts the student in a state of fascination on the one hand and shock on the other hand. From social and educational difficulties to an impulse to dissolve into society under the influence of the need to integrate into the surrounding society as a necessity of living in this country and between this and that some young men and women have fallen, leading the isolated to doubt their beliefs and the extroverts to disavow their morals. In this battle, it was necessary to take a practical pause that embraces the arrivals from the first moments by providing a supportive environment that enhances their self-confidence and religion and helps them to positively integrate into the surrounding society. A wide segment of students in advanced academic levels working in student residences, the union and the various student committees, thus forming an incubating environment for new students, and we find ourselves in need to preserve our male and female students so that they remain adherent to their religious and national identity and their civilized values.

In order to achieve the desired goal professionally, this project comes to contribute to providing the most necessary needs for student residences that embrace students and provide them with the appropriate environment to practice cultural and educational activities that make them more capable and effective and help them positively integrate into society without being affected by negative aspects.


Project Significance:

Student forums are among the most important means to preserve students and enhance their self-confidence and link them to a positive environment that preserves them and enhances their capabilities and activates their various energies in providing services to themselves and their colleagues, which helps them to highlight the positive image of the Yemeni student and enhances the ideal image of the supportive Yemenis that the Turkish community believes in and that stands behind The tangible acceptance of the Turks to the Yemenis, in addition to linking the students with the purpose for which they came, which is knowledge and scientific excellence, especially since the students who are sent to Turkey or to other countries have high grades and high rates, and this segment must be taken care of because they are the leaders of the near future.

Target groups

Yemeni students in Türkiye

Execution place


The target Number

2000 student