The Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association – Turkey Holds the Closing Ceremony of the Summer Centers for 2019

August 7, 2019

Under the slogan “WE CAN”, the Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association and the Belkis Yemen Foundation – Turkey held the closing ceremony of the summer centers for the Yemeni community. This ceremony was held at the International Renaissance Schools in Istanbul and it was attended by Mr. Salah Batis, Member of the Yemeni Shura Council, Mr. Talal Jamil, Media Attaché at the Yemeni Embassy, and Dr. Yaslam Al-Shaybah – Head of Aman Waqf.

The ceremony started with some verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech given by Dr. Abdel-Raqeeb Abbad, Head of the Association, who welcomed the attendees and thanked the supporters of these centers that protect the Yemeni and Islamic identity. The male and female students of the Summer Center participated in this ceremony with various performances.

The supporters of the ceremony, the male and female teachers, the distinguished male and female students and the winners of sports and cultural competitions were honored.

It is worth noting that the Summer Center is a unique center for the Yemeni community in Istanbul and it includes various activities and events. The following numbers shows what these centers include:

  • The number of male and female students enrolled in these centers reaches 190.
  • These centers were established in the following 5 places: (Friendship Center for Training and Qualification, Belkis Yemen Foundation, Crystal Shahir Complex, Prestige Park Complex and Bizim Evler Complex).
  • 45 volunteer male and female teachers participated in the implementation of the various activities of the Summer Center.
  • The number of teams participating in the Sports League was 10 and the number of players was 70.
  • A three-day camp was held for girls who participated in various activities and training courses.

There were 4 visits and recreational trips to many places in Istanbul.