The Yemeni-Turkish Friendship and Cooperation Association concluded the implementation of its seasonal projects for the blessed month of Ramadan for the year 1443 AH / 2022 AD, which included a number of charitable programs and activities that it carried out throughout the month of Ramadan for Yemeni families and students in Turkey, at a total cost of 1,917,631 pounds, benefiting 9,320 individuals.
During the holy month, the association implemented six projects that are considered one of the association’s initiatives in response to the conditions our country is going through and reflected on the Yemenis in the diaspora. Yemenis in Turkey. These projects were as follows:
1- Cash assistance:
With the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the association distributed cash aid to 600 male and female students, with a total value of (572,201 pounds), with the support of some philanthropists, may God reward them well.
2- The vouchers project (BIM cards):
The association implemented the purchase vouchers project (BIM cards), numbering 1,000 cards, the value of one card was 500 pounds, while it also distributed 600 cards, the value of the card is 250 pounds, with generous support from Qatar Charity. The project targeted hundreds of Yemeni families and students in 44 Turkish cities by distributing cards in a way that enables them to choose their necessary needs themselves, and the value of the project amounted to (650,000 liras).
3- Iftar project:
The Yemeni Friendship and Cooperation Association has been implementing this seasonal symbiotic project on an annual basis as part of its projects in the blessed month of Ramadan, through which breakfast meals were distributed to 6,800 families and students in 39 Turkish cities, at a total cost of (548,100 liras).
4- The Food Baskets Project:
The association distributed food baskets to 175 families and student apartments in Istanbul, at a total cost of 61,250 liras. The parcel includes many basic foodstuffs that the family needs during the holy month of Ramadan.
5- In-kind assistance:
The association contributed to distributing a number of in-kind aid to 46 beneficiaries, with the aim of relieving them of the requirements and requirements of the holy month of Ramadan.
6- The second Ramadan evening:
In the culmination of its Ramadan activities, the Association implemented the second Ramadan evening, in the presence of
The Turkish Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr. Ismail Chatakli, the Deputy Governor of Istanbul, Mr. Yashar Ak Sanyar, the Head of the Immigration and Passports Department in Ankara, Mr. Sawash Anlu, the Director of the Immigration Department in Istanbul, Mr. Bayram Yalinsu, and his deputy, Mr. Serdar Dal, were also attended by a number of Yemeni dignitaries and dignitaries. It lasted from 7-11 pm. The evening program began with a Ramadan breakfast for a number of current and former Yemeni dignitaries, dignitaries and social figures, followed by a friendly meeting with the guests from the Turkish delegation.
At the conclusion of this initiative of the seasonal Ramadan programs for the year 1443 AH, the President of the Association, Dr. Ahmed Al-Aqabi, indicated that these projects come as a seasonal initiative and a Ramadan gift, and in response to the circumstances that some families and students are going through, while most of its efforts and projects are devoted to educational programs that constitute a priority for it, since the field of the Association mainly serves Education and training.
The president of the association, on behalf of the association’s board of directors and its administrative body, expressed thanks, appreciation and great gratitude to the donor associations and institutions, philanthropists and benefactors.