Training and capacity building

Friendship Forums Project

Friendship Forums Project Project Idea: The idea of “Friendship Forums for Culture and Development” was launched to create a cultural and social environment that incubates the Yemeni community in Turkey. It works to implement community initiatives to preserve the cultural, intellectual and social identity of Yemeni youth, to establish training programs and targeted activities, and…

Youth Friendship Forum

Youth Friendship Forum Project Idea: The Yemeni society faces many problems and challenges due to the war and its negative repercussions, and the destruction and sabotage that included all fields, institutions and bodies of Yemeni society, which face great challenges to rehabilitate them and enable them to keep pace with development and the accompanying changes….

Rawahel Training Forum

Rawahel Training Forum Project Idea: The idea of the program came from the association’s belief in the importance of contributing to the rehabilitation of students and the formation of a solid base of competencies, national leaders and young community cadres who are able to assume tasks and responsibilities with high efficiency, and prepare them to…